Early Season Registration is Now Open!

Early Season Registration is Now Open!

PBSL Early Season Registration is now open (link below)!  Early Season registration will run through August 16.  Payment can be made via check following the instructions on the application or via Paypal on this website (palmbeachsl.com).  

*NEW THIS YEAR*--the registration fee of $150.00 will be a one-time payment for the entire 2019/2020 seasonal year.  Payment of this fee will cover registration fees for early, regular, and late seasons.  Teams can opt-in for any season beyond early season as desired. 

Other key dates:

August 16, 2019--DEADLINE for Early Season registration

August 17, 2019--anticipated meeting date for PBSL League Meeting (MANDATORY attendance)

August 26, 2019--anticipated date for schedules released

Sept. 7, 2019--first weekend of games

Application Link:  https://events.gotsport.com/forms/app/Default.aspx?EventID=74499

Applied Teams Link:  https://events.gotsport.com/events/teamlist.aspx?showall=clean&eventid=74499